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My interest, enthusiasm and love for making Rangolis goes back to my childhood where my parents took me to my home town Morbi to celebrate Diwali almost every year. The beautiful town with its sheri and dela culture gave such a charm to Diwali that no other big city could offer.


A delo is a traditional house in the Saurashtra region of the Gujarat state. The architectural style consists of a vast courtyard surrounded by the house structure on the three sides with an arched gateway as its entry. A sheri means a street. Girls living in the dela that lined the sheri would be doing Rangolis till 3:00 AM. So there would be around 8 Rangolis being made at the same time! If you you were short of some color, just run across the street and you will get a variety of them.


Sadly, this tradition and culture is gradually fading away. Doing a Rangoli all by yourself is not as much fun as the whole street doing it together. Nevertheless, doing a Rangoli is a lot of fun instead of not doing it at all!

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